Image editing or enhancements is done using creative skill. Images are stored in a computer in the form of grid of pixels or picture elements. These pixels store the information of the color and brightness which can be manipulated to enhance the picture.

At Zero Desings, we perform Image size alterations, Cropping, Noise reduction, Removal of unwanted elements, Selective color change, Orientation fixes, Sharpening and softening images, Selecting and Merging of images, Slicing of images, Special effects, Change color depth, Contrast change and brightening, Gamma Correction, Color adjustments to name a few Image Editing processes.
Branding, Identity & Strategy Branding, Identity
& Strategy

Branding is not about what we
think or say about ourselves. But
what the user says about our
product or service.

Design & Communication Design &

Powerful creatives with quality
design and proper communication
has vital role to taking the brand
strategies to another level.

Digital Solutions Digital

The world belongs to the fast-paced
digital era. And if a brand wants to be
the part of this era, it needs to have a
strong digital presence.

SEO & Digital Marketing SEO & Digital

Nowadays it’s very important for a
brand to continuously push its digital
presence to next level through
different means.

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