Challenges and Scope

AGH supply is a startup in hospitality industries, based in the USA. We engaged with the brand before it’s birth. As each coin has 2 sides, we have some challenges and some scope. The first challenge was, there was tough competition, some 30-40 years old players were in the market. Some were more than that. The second challenge was, it’s B2B market so clients were already engaged with one or more vendors. So, we have the challenge to attract this kind of audience in tough competition. As there were challenges, we have some scope also. We noticed that our design quality could make difference.

Solution we offered

We have started almost 2 years back, engaged from naming convention to designing a logo, visual language, basic stationery to an e-commerce development and so many other things like photography, product branding, vehicle branding, apparels etc. 

It was initial phase, then we involved in marketing strategy and continuous marketing efforts to push the brand as well as sell in both the media, tradition and digital. With strategic planning and detailed analysis, we provided some cost-effective solutions for brand awareness and to push the sell further. And the net result is AGH Supply is a well-known brand in the industry now with nice client base. And it’s growing continuous.

And that’s how ZERO made difference…

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