Opportunity - Friends thought it would be a great idea to serve authentic south indian food with taste, hygiene and economical price point to capture the market with immense appetite for South Indian Cuisine.

Requirement - IDLI9 approached with the noble idea and hit the market not as a novice but an established player to ensure that their vision is transformed into a reality.  Strong branding was required to hit the road

Scope - Zero Designs was given the role of Branding and assist the Marketing strategy for Go To Market.  The scope was from outlet design, stall design, uniform design, print and digital marketing.  Anything that was public facing was consulted to ensure strong visibility in the market.

Tools & Skills Utilized - All the way from pencil and paper, Graphics tools like Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator to DSLR cameras for photography was mobilized with an expert team to reveal the brand.  In a record time of 11 months, IDLI9 became a well-known food joint across the city.

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