Challenges and Scope

There are several tools around to manage projects, manage clients and manage human resources, but something that would help manage all this and apply workflow to easily cater global customers is still missing.  Thus OptiMIS was developed to solve this problem

Zero Designs was involved from the concept stage all the way to delivering the final product to the end users.  We started UI Design, Navigation and overall usability with mobile being the center point.  The product was designed with a mobile-first approach.  

Solution we offered

We used pencil and paper to start with, used photoshop to bring the sketch to the digital world.  Explored and played with several popular tools to understand what works and what does not work, moved to marvel app for engaging with the development team for faster feedback and iterations.  Once the Design and Navigation were frozen, had our expert HTML / CSS team take over and deliver the app design and associated assets

Profile (Resource) management, Client Management, Project Management, Workflows to manage project execution, Track Assignments and Deliveries, Review Performance and various MIS reports

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